Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tracking multiple page content with Femtoo

The latest release of Femtoo ( brings a welcome addition to the 'Tracker Editor' - Simple-to-use multiple content selection.

Femtoo users can now find a new button, labelled "Select additional part of the page". When this button is pushed, a second selector field appears and is automatically activated - meaning that you can now point-and-select an additional part of the web to track.

Femtoo has long had multiple-selection ability, but was always a bit fiddly to use. The new "Select additional part of the page" button makes the powerful Femtoo multiple-selection feature easy for everyone.

Why would you need to select and track multiple parts of a web page? If you are tracking a product page, with a single tracker you can track the price, stock quantity and discount information. Of if you are tracking a news website, which often has various sections, you can track several news headlines with a single tracker.

Femtoo is one of the most powerful, full-featured and reliable web page tracking systems on the Internet, why not give it a try?

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