Thursday, April 18, 2013

Femtoo - Now with Annual Subscriptions

The latest version of supports Annual Subscriptions, in addition to the previous monthly subscriptions.

Annual Subscriptions offer two advantages over monthly subscriptions:

  1. They are cheaper over the course of a year than paying monthly
  2. An annual subscription may fit better with your companies invoicing and budgeting processes
However, monthly subscriptions, although slightly more expensive, are more flexible.

All Femtoo subscriptions are handled by PayPal which gives Femtoo customers security, confidence and the power to manage their own subscriptions.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Femtoo now with integration for mobile notifications

It was a great shame to see the end of - a great service brought to us by a great guy (Chad Etzel).

However, Femtoo has now integrated another great service - the fantastic mobile notification service.

Pushover charges a few dollars for their mobile phone application, which runs on both Android and iOS devices - but it is definitely worth it. The application itself is very high quality, integrates well and works exactly as it should.

However, what the Pushover app really gives you is a world of up-to-the-minute notifications from almost any source - including - the web page tracking and notification service (which is free by the way).

If you already have a Pushover account, Femtoo is a really great complimentary 'app', and if you already have Femtoo, the Pushover integration means you can now enjoy web page change notifications on your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere...