Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Femtoo now with integration for mobile notifications

It was a great shame to see the end of - a great service brought to us by a great guy (Chad Etzel).

However, Femtoo has now integrated another great service - the fantastic mobile notification service.

Pushover charges a few dollars for their mobile phone application, which runs on both Android and iOS devices - but it is definitely worth it. The application itself is very high quality, integrates well and works exactly as it should.

However, what the Pushover app really gives you is a world of up-to-the-minute notifications from almost any source - including - the web page tracking and notification service (which is free by the way).

If you already have a Pushover account, Femtoo is a really great complimentary 'app', and if you already have Femtoo, the Pushover integration means you can now enjoy web page change notifications on your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere...

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