Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Build a dynamic speadsheet with Google Docs and Femtoo

I have just stumbled across a really neat use of the Femtoo tracker API. The Google Docs speadsheet contains an 'importData' function which loads the contents of a URL into a cell.

So we can take a url like this one: http://api.femtoo.com/trackers/content/?trackerKey=f24b571b7aba172 - which is a Femtoo API URL pointing to the latest BBC news headline - click on it and see...

The next step is to simply use the 'importData' function with the above URL and we would have imported the latest BBC news headline into our spreadsheet. Here are the steps to get live content into your Google Docs spreadsheet:

  1. Open Google Docs and create a new Spreadsheet.
  2. Click on an empty cell and enter: =importData("http://api.femtoo.com/trackers/content/?trackerKey=f24b571b7aba172")
  3. The cell should refresh and become populated with the latest BBC news headline
Pretty cool, eh?

So now everything you can track with Femtoo, you can manipulate in a spreadsheet - product prices, stock prices, exchange rates, number of twitter followers, new software versions, weather reports...

The only downside is that the spreadsheet is not 'live', so although the real Internet values continuously change, the Spreadsheet value is only imported once...but this is something I am currently working on fixing...

If you do not already have a Femtoo account, you can sign-up for free and start creating your own trackers...


  1. Actually, the exact same technique works for using the cQuery API too: http://cquery.com/