Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The race for content tracking - Femtoo vs Google

This recent ReadWriteWeb article highlights the growing importance of content extraction, tracking and notification:


The official Google Blog post is here:

Follow changes to any website

Whilst the recently added site tracking feature of Google Reader is a s
tep towards Femtoo's goal of 'Internet as a data base' - it is clear that Google Reader is a far less sophisticated and generally less useful solution when compared with Femtoo.


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  2. Hi,
    I do not have any share of femtoo but I have to admit that the service is
    better than google's one. Google frequently fail at generating feed on a
    large number of site, when feemtoo manage to do a tracker, this website
    http://www.lesautresgens.com/ is an example.

    Yet I got a problem with this page below that I can't manage to track with any
    of both system. It could be very usefull if I could track it.

    Can someone explain me why ?

    A point to google though, I never could knew about femtoo without this new feature un reader ;).

    Sorry for my crappy english, i'm trying to improve.

  3. Hi Phil,

    Your English is fine! Yes, the problem with that page is that the actual content part, the table 'Intitulé du poste' is generated by Javascript.

    This means that when Femtoo or Google Reader etc try to read the page, the content does actually exist until the browser runs the Javascript and draws the table on the page.

    HOWEVER - you can be sneaky and try to tracker this URL:


    (which is actually where the data is coming from - it is not very pretty and actually Femtoo currently will not be able to track this - I will fix this over the next few days and post back when this feature is available)

  4. You can now use Femtoo to track 'plain text' for example: